Social media – a conversation class

Topic: social media

Conversation strategies: agreeing, disagreeing, stating a point of view, showing doubt, checking understanding

Critical thinking: facts and opinions

Task 1

A) Let’s talk about your online footprint. What social media and search engine do you know and have used?

A digital footprint is a trail of data you create while using the Internet. It includes the websites you visit, emails you send, and information you submit to online services. A passive digital footprint is a data trail you unintentionally leave online.

B) Think for a minute and answer: What are your most common digital footprints. Do you use social media? Which of them? Why? Which do you prefer? Why? Do you access them everyday?

Task 2

Taking notes: watch this 13 minutes video on the use of SOCIAL MEDIA. Take notes of important ideas. Take notes of quotes (with reference information). Take notes of your feeling while watching the video.

Task 3

Sharing ideas: after you watch the video (as many times as you can) take some minutes to talk to somebody about it. Use your notes to give some bases to your opinion.

Task 4

How are people around you connected to social media? Which people around you (you included) are the most prone to get into a conversation without looking at their cell phone all the time?

Have a beautiful learning moment

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