Household chores. Are you those kinds of rare people who love doing chores? I’m not! I think the only thing I’ll love to do is cooking but only on the weekends and not all the weekends. I mean very rarely. 🙂

Here they are the steps to your guided self-learning of the week

Self-study: watch the videos for pronunciation and read the text for some structure guidance.

… + Ving or To infinitive

  1. I love…
  2. I like…
  3. I hate…

Eg: I hate doing the chores./I hate to do the chores.

How often?

  • Never
  • Rarely
  • Seldom
  • Occasionally
  • Sometimes
  • Frequently
  • Usually
  • Always
  • Once/twice/three times a week/month/year
  • Every day/week/month

Eg: I never dust the furniture but I always make the bed.


  1. Hanging the clothes out to dry is the worst chore.
  2. Making the bed every morning is the best way to start a routine.
  3. Washing up is tiresome.

Connect the dots – independent practice: do the activities suggested

Articulate: find a way to express your ideas related to that topic. It can be speaking about that to someone, writing a response to a post related anywhere on the internet, or creating any piece of art and exposing it to someone using the target language.

  • Which chores do you hate?
  • Which do you love?
  • Is doing the chores something important for you?
  • How often do you do the chores?

If you want to challenge yourself, film or record yourself answering some of the questions below.

Here is an exemple of what it could be like. Click

That is it!

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