De como a leitura entrou no meio.

Quando me descobri grávida eu estava começando a dar aulas de inglês para crianças de 4 a 6 anos. Após anos dando aulas para adolescentes e adultos, todos os dias eu enfrentava o novo desafio de me reunir com aqueles pequenos e de me tornar de alguma forma interessante para eles. Não foi fácil! Eu chorei por diversas vezes me dizendo que eu nunca iria conseguir dar aulas para crianças e que deveria desistir.

Então eu decidi fazer o que deveria ter feito antes de enfrentar o desafio: estudar. Ler sobre infância. Sobre o que diziam as pessoas que já faziam o que eu estava tentando fazer. Foi a melhor coisa que fiz. Conhecimento compartilhado é um presente dos tempos para nós. Pus-me então a aprender canções infantis em inglês e a desenvolver jogos com elas. Foi um começo. As crianças começaram a prestar atenção em mim. Continue reading De como a leitura entrou no meio.

Wordless books and literature in the classroom

Today I want to invite you to explore the world of pictorial narratives where words are left out to open space for YOUR verbal narrative; the narrative of the reader, the watcher, the observer… Kids are very good at it. Adults who have kept their childhood inside them are too. In pictorial narratives what you can see is what you get. Just like in verbal ones. The difference is that in verbal narratives pictures come later. In both cases, your repertoire plays a crucial role.
Continue reading Wordless books and literature in the classroom

Films to inspire affection

Life is the craziest imperative you will have to face until your death. It is the most powerful absurd you will comply with. Be it good or not, light or heavy it’s our mandatory passage to wherever we may go after it. There are beauties to learn and take from it and this beauty may be found in demanding violent, arid situations. Life is about building inner senses, inner self, and a quest for meaning. Continue reading Films to inspire affection


What about teaching English and let kids play with Dadaism and spring flowers? For this lesson we had 3 Topics: body parts (with focus on face), colours; positive expressions: it’s beautiful; it’s different; it’s awesome; it’s good; it’s not bad. New vocabulary: let’s pick some flowers. Step 1: Let’s pick some flowers Step 2: Let’s start the art. Let them draw the faces and bodies … Continue reading DadaKids

Extreme sports – upper intermediate

Hi! How about getting a bit wild into sports? How many sports can you name. And extreme sports? Have you been doing any sports lately? I have, but at the comfort of home :). The video DisneyPlus and NatGeoTv are launching this new series about extreme places on Earth. Will Smith is invited and it’s just fabulous. It’s called Welcome to Earth. I thought it … Continue reading Extreme sports – upper intermediate

All I want fot Christmas…

It’s movie and popcorn time! I have made some activities to do with my kids before, while and after our movie time. I’ll let them here so you can download and maybe use them. Hope you have fun. Movie trailer Mes suggestions d’achat sur AmazonFr sont : Christmas Activity Book for Kids et le film All I want for Christmas is you Before watching All … Continue reading All I want fot Christmas…

Kids Efl room cooking class

Hi! How are things? I bring great news. Our kids will get together to cook and decorate some delicious gingerbread people and some Christmas motives. It’ll be this Saturday, 20 November at 4 pm here at my Efl room in Draveil. I’m really excited about it. If you’re interested, there are still 3 places available. Just contact me via suelen_viana@suelenviana There are some vocabulary to … Continue reading Kids Efl room cooking class

Social media – a conversation class

Topic: social media Conversation strategies: agreeing, disagreeing, stating a point of view, showing doubt, checking understanding Critical thinking: facts and opinions Task 1 A) Let’s talk about your online footprint. What social media and search engine do you know and have used? A digital footprint is a trail of data you create while using the Internet. It includes the websites you visit, emails you send, and … Continue reading Social media – a conversation class