Self-learning: eating in Europe

Hey guys, how are you doing today? Tell me! Tell me! Are you a foodie? I am. I don’t know how to cook but if there is something I have been learning how to do properly this thing is to eat. I love eating and I do appreciate world food. 🙂 Today’s video will surely help you learn English and culture in a very interesting … Continue reading Self-learning: eating in Europe

That’s not my dinosaur – English for kids.

Usborne has published a series of books called That’s not my … My daughter won That’s not my dinosaur and I have used it for our one-to-one English classes time. There is a lot we can do with it as teachers of English or simply as parents exposing English to kids through reading. I came up with some of the ideas below and tested with my three-year-old girl. She loves it. Continue reading That’s not my dinosaur – English for kids.

The Elephant in the Classroom

Público alvo: 6-8 anos | simulacão | story buildingHey!

Forget about the legendary elephant in the classroom. Aquele que não servia para nada a não ser ocupar espaço e atrapalhar a gente. Já pensou em trazer um convidado inusitado e imaginário para a sala e se divertir com seus pequenos? Se não, vale a pena arriscar. Eu levei um pink elephant. Deixa eu contar.

Continue reading The Elephant in the Classroom