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Tenho uma filha bilíngue e que me trouxe a motivação para mergulhar no mundo dos estudos bilíngues. Vamos juntos!

Wordless books and literature in the classroom

Today I want to invite you to explore the world of pictorial narratives where words are left out to open space for YOUR verbal narrative; the narrative of the reader, the watcher, the observer… Kids are very good at it. Adults who have kept their childhood inside them are too. In pictorial narratives what you can see is what you get. Just like in verbal ones. The difference is that in verbal narratives pictures come later. In both cases, your repertoire plays a crucial role.

That’s not my dinosaur – English for kids.

Usborne has published a series of books called That’s not my … My daughter won That’s not my dinosaur and I have used it for our one-to-one English classes time. There is a lot we can do with it as teachers of English or simply as parents exposing English to kids through reading. I came up with some of the ideas below and tested with my three-year-old girl. She loves it.