Learning and teaching are my magical powers 🙂

Hi, I’m Sue (Suelen). Previously a professor at university and teacher at private schools. I became a full-time mother and private teacher of English and Portuguese Br in 2018 after moving to France. I love life and all opportunities it gives us to learn. I’m living in Draveil since 2018 and I hope I can help you learn English. Welcome!

Enseigner aux enfants: ce que j’ai appris.

Enseigner aux enfants est une tâche professionnelle qui doit être soigneusement et sérieusement préparée. Les enfants sont amusants mais ils sont aussi a grand défi dans le sens où ils sont délicats et surprenants. Voici 5 choses importantes à considérer lorsque vous enseignez aux enfants.

Kids Efl room cooking class

Hi! How are things? I bring great news. Our kids will get together to cook and decorate some delicious gingerbread people and some Christmas motives. It’ll be this Saturday, 20 November at 4 pm here at my Efl room in Draveil. I’m really excited about it. If you’re interested, there are still 3 places available. … Continue reading “Kids Efl room cooking class”

Social media – a conversation class

Topic: social media Conversation strategies: agreeing, disagreeing, stating a point of view, showing doubt, checking understanding Critical thinking: facts and opinions Task 1 A) Let’s talk about your online footprint. What social media and search engine do you know and have used? A digital footprint is a trail of data you create while using the Internet. … Continue reading “Social media – a conversation class”


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