Learning and teaching are my magical powers 🙂

Hi, I’m Sue (Suelen). Previously a professor at university and teacher at private schools (my CV). I became a full-time mother and private teacher of English and Portuguese Br in 2018 after moving to France. I love life and all opportunities it gives us to learn. I’ve been living in Draveil since 2018 and I hope I can help you learn English. Welcome!


What about teaching English and let kids play with Dadaism and spring flowers? For this lesson we had 3 Topics: body parts (with focus on face), colours; positive expressions: it’s beautiful; it’s different; it’s awesome; it’s good; it’s not bad. New vocabulary: let’s pick some flowers. Step 1: Let’s pick some flowers Step 2: Let’s … Continue reading “DadaKids”

All I want fot Christmas…

It’s movie and popcorn time! I have made some activities to do with my kids before, while and after our movie time. I’ll let them here so you can download and maybe use them. Hope you have fun. Movie trailer Mes suggestions d’achat sur AmazonFr sont : Christmas Activity Book for Kids et le film … Continue reading “All I want fot Christmas…”

Enseigner aux enfants: ce que j’ai appris.

Enseigner aux enfants est une tâche professionnelle qui doit être soigneusement et sérieusement préparée. Les enfants sont amusants mais ils sont aussi a grand défi dans le sens où ils sont délicats et surprenants. Voici 5 choses importantes à considérer lorsque vous enseignez aux enfants.


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