Learning and teaching are my magical powers 🙂

Hi, I’m Sue (Suelen). Previously a professor at university and teacher at private schools (my CV). I became a full-time mother and private teacher of English and Portuguese Br in 2018 after moving to France. I love life and all opportunities it gives us to learn. I’ve been living in Draveil since 2018 and I hope I can help you learn English. Welcome!

Wordless books and literature in the classroom

Today I want to invite you to explore the world of pictorial narratives where words are left out to open space for YOUR verbal narrative; the narrative of the reader, the watcher, the observer… Kids are very good at it. Adults who have kept their childhood inside them are too. In pictorial narratives what you…

Films to inspire affection

Life is the craziest imperative you will have to face until your death. It is the most powerful absurd you will comply with. Be it good or not, light or heavy it’s our mandatory passage to wherever we may go after it. There are beauties to learn and take from it and this beauty may…

2022 in books

In 2022 we read so many books. Fiction and non-fiction. Adult and children’s books. All of these reading experiences were moments of joy, reflexion and inspiration. This is the first year since I became a mom that I was able to (re)read during the whole year at least one book a month (sometimes more). How…


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