Household chores. Are you those kinds of rare people who love doing chores? I’m not! I think the only thing I’ll love to do is cooking but only on the weekends and not all the weekends. I mean very rarely. 🙂 Here they are the steps to your guided self-learning of the week Self-study: watch the videos for pronunciation and read the text for some … Continue reading Self-learning

The Gruffalo

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Book: The Gruffalo Author Julia Donaldson Illustrator: Axel Scheffler Publisher: Puffin Books Learning target: animals and body descriptions in English. Age: 5 (not afraid child) on + The Gruffalo is a rhyming story for children written by the English author Julian Donaldson. You can meet the author here. The book The mouse said, “Gruffalo, now you see, everyone… Continue reading The Gruffalo

A lingua portuguesa

A lingua portuguesa Ă© a oitava lingua mais falada do mundo. Está presente em quatro continentes e Ă© a lingua de interesse de muita gente. Gente que gosta de ler romances em lĂ­ngua original e de viajar e ser capaz de se comunicar respeitosamente com os habitante locais. Essa lingua linda e cheia de variantes, assim como todas as lĂ­nguas, Ă© originaria do Latim vulgar. … Continue reading A lingua portuguesa

Online or offline language courses?

Online courses Are you considering studying online? What holds you back? Technology phobia? Lack of confidence in the modality? Love for physical contact with teachers and students? Many things may be moving us against the online teaching modality. But, think twice. It doesn’t change much. Online you still have a teacher. Online you still have things to do and study and read. Online you still … Continue reading Online or offline language courses?

Listening and speaking activity – Levels A and B

Listening and speaking activity to practice the verb to be in the present and present continuous.                            ListeningA   This is a very simple listening activity. All you have to do is to click the link below to listen to the people speaking and write down whatever you get. You can stop and continue up to three times the same fragment.  ⇨  The verb to … Continue reading Listening and speaking activity – Levels A and B