2022 in books

In 2022 we read so many books. Fiction and non-fiction. Adult and children’s books. All of these reading experiences were moments of joy, reflexion and inspiration. This is the first year since I became a mom that I was able to (re)read during the whole year at least one book a month (sometimes more). How good is that? 🙂 Things are coming back on track. It would be great to know what readings we have in common. Let me know!

My daughter’s readings – Anne Lys (8/10/2015) – you can find some of her reading here in goodreads.com

I can only say that her greatest discoveries this last year were the comic books Mortele Adele and Chien Pouri. She loved those two series. The other books she was in love with were all those by Oliver Jeffers. She is very into having fun while reading.

As for me, my readings were not exhaustive but were refreshing and enlightening. Some of them I want to re-read this year, mainly the non-fiction ones. Here they go:

  1. Antes do baile verde – Lygia Fagundes Telles
  2. Venha ver o por do sol e outros contos – Lygia Fagundes Telles
  3. A via crucis do corpo – Clarice Lispector
  4. La Dame aux Camélia – Alexandre Dumas
  5. Carmem – Prosper Merimée
  6. E sempre a hora de nossa morte amém – Mariana Salomão Carrara
  7. O avesso da pele – Jeferson Tenorio
  8. Torto arado – Itamar Vieira Jr.
  9. A filha perdida – Elena Ferrante
  10. Casa de Alvenaria – Carolina Maria de Jesus
  11. La place- Annie Erneaux
  12. The leaf by Niggle – Tolkien
  13. Comme un Roman – Daniel Pennac
  14. Le livre d’image – Alberto Manguel
  15. A louca da casa – Rosa Montero
  16. Lector in Fabula – Umberto Eco
  17. How to spot a facist – Umberto Eco
  18. Grande Sertao: Veredas – Guimaraes Rosa (re-read).
  19. Como as democracias morrem – Steven Levitsky

That is it! I want to read many more books in 2023. Hopefully I will let you know whether I was able to read them or not by january 2024. 🙂







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