Dadaism is an artistic movement in modern art that started around World War I. Its purpose was to ridicule (poke fun at) the supposed meaninglessness of the modern world. Its peak was 1916 to 1922, and it influenced surrealismpop art, and punk rock. It favored going against normal social actions. Followers of Dadaism included Antonin Artaud, Max Ernst, and Salvador Dali. A later version, called Neo-Dada, arose in the 1960s. - source:Kiddle

What about teaching English and let kids play with Dadaism and spring flowers?

For this lesson we had 3 Topics: body parts (with focus on face), colours; positive expressions: it’s beautiful; it’s different; it’s awesome; it’s good; it’s not bad. New vocabulary: let’s pick some flowers.

Step 1: Let’s pick some flowers

Step 2: Let’s start the art. Let them draw the faces and bodies on the paper first. Then they start fixing the flowers (glue) and the colouring.

Step 3: During the hole process English will be the language spoken. The teacher will often say: Let’s draw the faces (demonstrate first); Let’s draw the body; ‘what colours do you have?; what colours are the eyes? And the mouth? Do you like it? It’s beautiful? Show me the nose! And the arms! Great!

Step 4: They will dedicate their work to somebody. Eg: To mom or To my friend…






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