Self-learning: eating in Europe

Hey guys, how are you doing today? Tell me! Tell me! Are you a foodie? I am. I don’t know how to cook but if there is something I have been learning how to do properly this thing is to eat. I love eating and I do appreciate world food. 🙂

Today’s video will surely help you learn English and culture in a very interesting way.

Rick Steves’ Europe guidebook co-author (and foodie) Cameron Hewitt explains how food is a window into the culture, history, and landscape of a place. I suggest that you watch the video for at least 30 minutes (the first 30 min or the last ones).

Before you watch it:

  • 1 – make a list of your favorite local dishes. The ones that make you happy and that you will eat no matter where you are.
  • 2 – write the names of 3 places you like to eat out. Why are they your favorite ones?
  • 3 – what kind of service do you expect to have when you eat out?

While you watch it:

  • 1 – the video is a bit long, but it’s worth watching. Take a piece of paper where you will be able to write key notes. Try to separate them in country/ food/ service key words.
  • 2 – write in capital letter the words you don’t know.

After watching it

  • 1 – how different are Europe and USA in relation to food and service?
  • 2 – are there any similarities between your first notes in the Before you watch it moment and the things Rick pointed out on the video?
  • 3 – What have you learned? Find somebody to talk abou it?


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