Nothing until …

Do not let yourself fall into the traps of the misconceptions about learning. Many think that learning a language can be fast and without much work. This is not true and no matter how many technologies you have to help you, learning a language will demand time and patience. You will not learn a language in three months or six or in a year. But you will certainly learn it if you dedicate a routine to that throughout a year or two. If you open a space in your agenda to the act of studying: yes, you will learn one or even more languages. Other than that, you won’t. There is no magic.

I will let you with the reading of Toujours rien; a book written by Christian Volts and very well-read and interpreted by Danièle Adad. Think about the language you want to learn as the seed and the land where you will put it to grow as your brain. You can choose if you are Luis or the bird. Luis gives up on his flower before he sees it blossom. Even though he had done many things right. The bird keeps coming because he knows that the flower would be there one day. He knows that nature has its own time. Nurturing is the key.

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