Quick tips

Feeling bored? What about boosting your vocabulary during these crazy times of covid19? My suggestions are three and they come from the Cambridge dictionary team. Short and simple. Just click the links and start learning.

Cambridge image dictionary quiz – you choose what vocabulary areas you want to revise and learn.

Create a word list while reading or during your online classes Avec Sue – it will make your brain work twice to retain the new word. Big chances are you won’t easily forget them. But if you do, they will be registered in your list of new words so you can check them whenever you need.

Grammar quizzes – some grammar topics deserve more practice. Choose one and start practising.

This it it!

Author: Sue

A language teacher, a researcher, a wife and a mother who loves reading, writing, gardening, dancing and being alone sometimes. For me, language is a strong part of our identity and I am sociolinguistics enthusiastic in and outside the classroom.

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