Teaching kids

teaching kids


Teaching kids is a professional task that should be carefully and seriously prepared. Kids are fun but they are also very challenging in a sense that they are delicate and surprising. Here are 5 important things to consider when you teach kids.


Are you attentive enough to their signs? Kids communicate with their eyes and actions much more than we may think. So when you step into any place to teach no matter how many kids: pay attention! Pay attention to what they are doing, saying, or to what they are not doing or not saying. Just look at their eyes and let them notice that you care.


Kids learn better from people they like. They will love you if they feel you can treat them well; if you are loyal to your principals; if you are consistent with your actions; if your no means no and your yes means yes; if you play and laugh with them.


You can teach kids if you have a variety of ways to offer them opportunities to learn. kids need routine, it is a fact, but they hate repetitive uninteresting learning. They need to be exposed to the same thing in many different ways. If they are to learn how to say goodbye in English, do not pass the whole class trying the same song or the same game.


Time is crucial to teach kids. This is very connected to the item above. Variation and time are best friends. Depending on their ages, kids will need more or less time in an activity. Of course, it also depends on their interest in the activity proposed, but most of the time 3 to 5 minutes in the same activity is enough for kids up to 6.


Kids have families who love (or at least should love) them. This is why you have probably received those kids. Families care about their kids. They did not decide to put their kids to learn something with you just because they wanted free time. It is most probably because they want their kids to be happier, to have better opportunities to grow and become great adults; their kids are their most precious treasure. Connect with their families. Respect their culture and decisions and show them that you know what you are doing and that what you are doing is good for their kids.


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